6 Indicators You Should Invest In Facebook Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of generating revenue for any business. Without it, there is no doubt that your company will struggle, and the ability to make a consistent profit will be drastically more difficult. However, there is a way to improve your company’s ability to market to prospective clients. One way to do this is via the internet, specifically, social media. Social media is a great way to showcase your brand and message to all prospective client’s because so many people from all over your town, city, and even the world can access you, allowing you to not only reach your current clients better but expand your client base and generate more revenue.

Below are 6 indicators you should invest in Facebook.

1. You need more customers

Reaching people on Facebook allows your brand to reach targeted demographic groups. Literally, you can target people who are 35 years old, like Justin Bieber, loved Obama, own a home, make over $50,000 a year and married…. It can be that specific. Do you know your target market?

2. Your Facebook Page Engagements Are Low

In the context of marketing, “engagement” refers to how many people are interacting with your brand, noticing your brand and care about your brand. Increase engagements over time can have a huge impact on not only your social engagement but on your sales funnel.

3. You’re not adding 50 new Facebook pages likes each month. 

Facebook friends are a good indicator of just how much attention your company is getting. If likes are low, consider bumping it up, or boosting posts. The more Facebook friends you have, the cheaper it is to advertise organically on Facebook. Think of it like having a huge email database, but the difference is, people who care about your brand, will interact with it.

5. Your Launching a New Marketing Campaign

If you launch a new marketing campaign, it would be a good idea to consider Facebook marketing to reach people. Facebook has captive users v.s TV or radio users who are not captive at all. For all you know they could be cooking while your ad is running. With Facebook, they are actually watching your promotional video or interacting directly with your brand.

6. You Want To Be Successful In Business

It sounds obvious, but if you haven’t realized that you need Facebook at this point, you’re missing the mark! Invest in Facebook marketing A.S.A.P., and give your business the online presence it needs to be successful in this digital world.

By Steven Brown

CEO of SocialThis! LLC

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