Come on Cat! Your website is ugly.

Funny Cat .mp4 from Steven Brown on Vimeo.

We all need to update our website every 5 years, especially if your website design is ugly. It amazes me how many ugly websites I see on a daily basis. An ugly website design can hurt your brand image, you will loose sales and people tend not to trust your brand. For example, check out these ugly websites:

Website Design Firm:

Midwest webs sell website design service but look like it is stuck in the 1990’s. If you wanted to update your website wouldn’t you want to have your website design work with a company with a better website? I am not trying to knock this company, but come on! Update your website!

Albers Contracting:


Let’s look at Albers Contracting. It is not mobile optimized, the pictures are pixelated and it does not have any call to actions. Wouldn’t you rather give your business to a construction company that has a better online presence? Check this one out completed by Socialthisagency.com this: https://www.westsidedistributor.com/

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