Come on Cat! Your website is ugly.

Funny Cat .mp4 from Steven Brown on Vimeo.

We all need to update our website every 5 years, especially if your website design is ugly. It amazes me how many ugly websites I see on a daily basis. An ugly website design can hurt your brand image, you will loose sales and people tend not to trust your brand. For example, check out these ugly websites:

Website Design Firm:

Midwest webs sell website design service but look like it is stuck in the 1990’s. If you wanted to update your website wouldn’t you want to have your website design work with a company with a better website? I am not trying to knock this company, but come on! Update your website!

Albers Contracting:


Let’s look at Albers Contracting. It is not mobile optimized, the pictures are pixelated and it does not have any call to actions. Wouldn’t you rather give your business to a construction company that has a better online presence? Check this one out completed by Socialthisagency.com this: https://www.westsidedistributor.com/

5 Reasons Why Your Website Does Not Generate Leads

The sole purpose of having a business website is to attract more visitors to your business, so a website that fails to do that is pretty useless. When it comes to a website that just can’t generate leads, the problem can be a single factor or a combination of many factors, from the website design, SEO or the call-to-action that’s ineffective. Here we are going to take a look at the five reasons your website isn’t generating any leads.

1. Poor Website Design

There’s so much competition nowadays that having a business website that’s anything less than perfect could result to less traffic being attracted to your business. A poorly designed website is any site that has not been designed keeping the clients’ preferences in mind. For instance, websites that sport loud colors and bright images can make it hard for your audience to concentrate on what really matters – the information. On average, visitors stay on a website for less than a minute, this means you have a small window to capture their attention, or lose them forever. Stay safe, and stay away from a website design that looks unprofessional and tacky.

 2. No Clear and Concise Information

Your business website may contain a couple of pages, or dozens. It’s up to you to ensure that all of the pages have been marked properly, are easy to find by your audience, and more importantly, provides them with useful information. Even the call to action you use should be short and to the point.

3. Not Visible to the Search Engines

You may have gone with a cool website design, but making it visible for the search engine is what will bring in the leads. Hire an SEO (search engine optimization) professional who can cover the SEO part of your website, so its indexed properly on the SERPs.

4. No Proper Off-Page SEO

Off page SEO is pretty straightforward. It involves positive signals from your interactions online, such as brand mentions, positive reviews and backlinks on other websites to your business website. It is important to acknowledge any person or business whose working in your favor, posting a positive review, re-tweeting your posts or backlinking to your business page.

5. Make Use of Social Media

This is a great way of building trust with your customers. Make sure you’re active on social media and have a Google+ business page. Service businesses such as restaurants, bar etc., should have their own Yelp business pages and have a presence on social outlets. 

A business website has tremendous potential to generate leads, but only if it’s used effectively. Focusing on the aforementioned tips should get you off to a good start in generating massive amounts of new business.